Tarot Card Course

Tarot Reading Course: Master the Art of Tarot Card Analysis

Master the Art of Tarot Reading Course

Learning to read the Tarot is life-transforming. Tarot is genuinely about life’s journey, as a soul having a human being experience. If you ever want to grasp how the law of attraction operates, learning the tarot provides just that.

At The Astrology Academy of India, we redefine the art of learning with an exhilarating approach to our Tarot Reading Course. A journey where the card’s arcane symbols transform into meaningful revelations, making your learning experience educational and genuinely magical.

About the Tarot Reading Course

Learning tarot may be an empowering experience. The fool card in the deck represents the soul’s journey depicted in the cards. There are seventy-eight cards in the tarot deck. Powerful destiny-governed energies are depicted in the first 22 cards, which represent the laws of the universe. The 56 minor arcana, which are minor energies, depict the daily conflicts regarding feelings, behavior, health, income, family, and mind.

The minor and significant cards offer strong direction for interpreting the energies in a given circumstance. There are 22 major arcana cards & 56 minor cards in all. Major arcana cards in reading will provide significant messages that the inquirer has to comprehend in that particular circumstance or the current lifetime. Our lives are a theater of the interaction of the experiential aspects of action, cognition, emotions, and body. Thus, minor suits interpret the day-to-day life situation for us.

Tarot Card Courses

Interactive and Enjoyable Learning

Make tarot Reading interactive and enjoyable by breaking down complex concepts into manageable segments. Visual aids, case studies, and real-life examples seamlessly integrate, ensuring relatability and engagement. Participate in live sessions and discussion forums, actively contributing to a collaborative learning environment. Practical applications are highlighted, allowing you to confidently read Tarot cards for yourself and others.

Be A Professional Tarot Reader Course

A tarot card reading course is a type of cartomancy that involves experts using cards ostensibly to obtain knowledge about the past, present, or future. They first specify the question, then draw cards and interpret it. By revealing all of life’s hidden realities, a Tarot card reading course can help you have a happy and fulfilling life.

Our Tarot reading course features a team of experienced readers with a wealth of practical knowledge. Our course breaks down intricate concepts into bite-sized, thrilling segments, ensuring you absorb knowledge quickly.

The main focus area of the tarot reading course

1. Your current/present energy

2. Your opportunities and blockages in your current energetic space

3. Your recent past, that is what’s on your mind most, and how that led to your

4. Present life circumstances

5. Lessons from your past

6. How do your subconscious beliefs about yourself and life affect your experience of life

7. The direction in which your present energy is taking you

8. Your strengths in your current life space/energy.

9. Improvement areas in your life you will benefit from working on

Develop a deep understanding of Tarot Reading

A common misconception about learning to read the Tarot is that you must do it exactly as your trainer does. In teaching another person how to read the Tarot, we as your guide share the ancient knowledge with you. Yet, it is only through implementing yourself that you build a personal relationship with all the beauty, Tarot has to offer.

Understand that the Tarot is not a trick for predicting the future. Our present life scenarios are created in the past, and based on what we focus on today will determine what our future will look like. Tarot reads is about improvement empowerment, pointing out to another person their power. You will also discover it within yourself by learning how to provide this valuable service to another. How exciting is that?


The Astrology Academy of India’s Tarot Reading Course covers everything from fundamental principles to practical applications. Learn to interpret Tarot cards, gain insights into personal and spiritual aspects, and confidently provide meaningful readings. Our course is prepared to make learning about Tarot Reading easy and enjoyable. You can quickly investigate the universe’s secrets with engaging visuals and real-life examples.

Tarot. If you’re ready to explore this magical adventure, sign up on our website, www.hindastro.com, and let’s start decoding the magic of reading together!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is the TarotReading Course conducted online?

Indeed, we only provide our Tarot Reading Course online, giving students from all over the world a comfortable and easily accessible study environment.

2. How will this course benefit me in my daily life?

The course empowers you to interpret Tarot cards, providing insights into personal growth, relationships, and potential life paths.

3What specific topics does the course cover, and how in-depth is the curriculum?

The course covers various topics, including meanings, symbolism, and spreads. The curriculum is meant to give students a thorough understanding of Tarot Reading.

4Can I interact with the tutor and fellow participants during the course?

Yes! Engage in lively discussions, ask questions, and share your experiences in our live sessions and discussion forums.

5. How do I connect with Hindastro for more information or to enroll in the course?

To enroll in the Tarot Reading Course or gather more information, visit our website at www.hindastro.com. Stay updated and join discussions on our social media platforms:

Facebook: @hindastro, Instagram: @hind.astro, YouTube:@Hindastro. Let’s connect and explore the magic of Tarot Reading together!

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